Amazing Wedding Receptions

Amazing Wedding Receptions Group

Our Goals

  • To improve the overall perception of wedding vendors by providing an honest approach to all brides and grooms.
  • To provide a standard of excellence in the performance of our services that greatly exceeds the average vendor.
  • To reassure clients that they have chosen a vendor of the highest quality to perform services for their wedding or event, thus creating a trust factor.

Code of Ethics

Amazing Wedding Reception (AWR) vendors vow to:

  1. Present information in as clear and unambiguous a manner as possible, shall honor the trust of the customer, and shall not take advantage of the customer’s lack of experience or knowledge.
  2. Accurately represent the pricing and content of services. AWR vendors will always accurately represent their qualifications.
  3. Be available to answer questions and ensure the client understands the services that I will be providing. AWR vendors will make every effort to return calls and emails in a timely manner. (Within 48 hrs.)
  4. Observe the highest standard of honesty in all forms of advertising. AWR vendors will avoid using false titles, confusing or inaccurate technical terms or descriptions, or misleading terms and claims. AWR vendors will not contract for services of which they are not qualified to perform.
  5. Provide contracts and receipts for all services, while conforming to applicable laws and regulations. Refund policies should be clearly stated on all contracts and order forms.
  6. Perform the duties for which they are enlisted for to the best of their ability.
  7. I will always treat members of the AWR and other wedding vendors with professionalism, courtesy and respect.
  8. A AWR vendor should refrain from disparagement of other products or firms.
  9. A AWR vendor should not attempt to induce a customer to cancel a contract the customer has made with another provider of the same product or service.
  10. Show a friendly spirit of cooperation with fellow wedding professionals and assist them whenever possible. Be encouraged to assist and share knowledge with the members of their profession and shall encourage them individually and collectively so that the quality of service may constantly be raised to higher standards.

Self-Monitoring By Vendors

It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that its representatives understand and comply with this Vendors’ Code of Ethics and to inform Amazing Wedding Receptions Coordinators if any situation develops that causes the vendor to operate in violation of the code set forth in this document.

Reporting Of Improper Conduct

If you wish to report a vendor’s questionable behavior or possible violation of this Vendors’ Code of Ethics, you can contact us using this form.

We thank you for your compliance with this code of ethics and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you, based on the highest level of ethical behavior.